Legalas Trading Corp. Team

BUSINESS PROFILE LEGALAS TRADING CORPORATION was established on December 2008 as a single proprietorship business and subsequently incorporated on February 2012.

Trading began its operations with the importation of frozen fish and chicken from various sources from mainland China, Taiwan, Australia and Peru.

LEGALAS TRADING CORPORATION is currently engaged in the importation and distribution of food ingredients, commodities and specialty products alike. To expand its product portfolio, TRADING seeks suppliers and partners from around the globe to serve the food industry’s growing demands.

LEGALAS TRADING CORPORATION is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and accredited by the following: Bureau of Customs, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Bureau of Plant and Animal Industries and the National Meat Inspection Service. It is also licensed to operate as Importer / Food Distributor by the local Bureau of Food and Drugs Administration.